Types of Projects

Types of Projects Undertaken by Loople

ERP Implementation Projects

Installing the software, moving your financial data over to the new system, configuring your users and processes, and training your users on the software.Opting for the right partner is as essential as selecting softwares for ERP System.

ERP Upgrade Projects

Upgradation in projects to be supported by respective ERP vendors is necessary which can reduce burden in the form of costs ,resources,risks,that the organization would not take. “As we believe the right strategies can help you reach your upgraded goals & will help in dealing with potential obstacles and risks.”

ERP Global Rollout Projects

Global rollout of any ERP system is a usual practice which aims to benefit from harmonized business processes and visibility of operations.Offering varied opportunities that upgrades process to increase efficiencies with bottom line improvements.

ERP Migration Projects

The process of moving, copying, and restructuring data from an existing system to the ERP system. Migration is critical for implementing success and requires significant planning and can archive databases to refer back once the ERP System process is finished successfully.

ERP Harmonization/Consolidation Projects

Single world wide ERP platform,which is a way to grasp harmony between contrasting enterprises architectural values while creating business value is a way to justify instances to one or rather to a much more reduced number.

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